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Book "Traffic Flow Dynamics"
Buch "Verkehrsdynamik"

Traffic Flow and General

Main Inflow
Secondary Inflow
Percentage Right
Percentage Left

Car-Following Behavior

Max Speed v0
Time Gap T
Max Accel a


  • Standard scenario: not signalized priority and secondary road, only straight-ahead traffic
  • Change the traffic rules and the number of lanes with the pulldown menus
  • Change the size of the intersecting roads with the second menu
  • Change the traffic and the origin-destination relations with the sliders
  • Observe that, with Right Priority, traffic gets in a gridlock unless demand is very light. Resolve it by changing the traffic rules (right priority only makes sense for single-lane directional roads)
  • In the mainroad and signalized scenarios, any remaining ambiguities (left-turning mainroad vehicles encounter mainroad vehicles in the opposite drection, left turns if there are traffic lights) is resolved by the Right Priority rule